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AmenaCode is designed with an open architecture to allow it to perform ANY function. It has been designed from the ground up to be omni media, bi-directional, multi-state and fully interactive. AmenaCodes are generated, controlled and moderated by AmenaCode servers, which makes AmenaCode the secure solution for many applications and uses.

AmenaCode differs in 5 key ways

1. What it scans

AmenaCode can scan any visual identifier in any format, in any channel transforming packaging, communication materials and advertising into intelligent two-way channels.

2. How it authenticates

AmenaCode’s unique Digital ID’s provide and enable access and interaction to hyper secure Data Clusters associated with individual Digital ID’s. 

3. How it is secured

The vector of a AmenaCode is an indirect addressing pointer that identifies the Digital DNA Data Cluster that is associated with that AmenaCode, stored on a secure server network (or the Cloud).

4. What is delivered

Delivers two-way, personalised, rich media, dynamic and real-time content and functionality. From video streaming to installation instructions, trouble shooting to last purchased dates, content that can be delivered is unlimited and linked to a users habits, interactions and relationship with your brand.

5. How it is controlled

The conditional nature of a AmenaCode allows the Platform to determine who, when, where, can, can’t interact with that DNA Data Cluster. If permitted, it defines WHAT they can do with it, dependant on conditional access protocols such as security, time, location, tier permissions.


Digital ID does not simply apply to a person. It applies to and is applied to people, things or objects, assets, processes or actions and documents.

The Smartglyph Platform can assign a Digital ID, to anyone or anything or any process (action, procedure or transaction). Digital ID's (DiD's) provide and enable access and interaction to hyper secure Data Clusters associated with verified DiD's.

the AmenaCode Platform Can
Moderate, Administrate And Audit

Who can and who cannot interact with AmenaCode Digital ID controlled assets, with what device or devices.

Controlled, automatic cascading/ transference of secure, dynamic, cloud data clusters from one Digital ID to another through simple touchpoint interactions.

What functionality will be offered to each access request, depending on who/what is requesting the access and how they can interact with the datum that they are accessing.

At what physical GEO controlled location(or enforce exclusions). At what time or time ranges (e.g. Mon to Fri, 8am to 6pm).

Granular, highly detailed , incorruptible (or changeable) audit logs of all interactions, seamlessly generated and multi-tiered level of inspection and interrogation.

Identify and take action on unauthorized access attempts in real-time incl. who, where, time and frequency. Establish where an asset should be in relation to where it is for true provenance.

How Smartglyph's patented technology differs from action codes

AmenaCode Technology

AmenaCode is an access vector to a secure, cloud based, unlimited (size), dynamic payload data cluster. Designed with an open architecture to perform any function

Action Code

Designed for a single function. Simple data contained in the barcode, a numeric or alpha numeric string with limited capacity

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