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Imagine if you could cultivate a direct two-way relationship with your customer, wherever they are.

AmenaCode creates a virtual bridge to your consumers, partners, end users, or employees, so you can create direct, personalized and real-time communication with your audiences.

Our patented technology, enables immersive rich-media experiences, personalized calls to action, localized content delivery and the ability to track every interaction at every touchpoint at a granular level. 

Connected experiences for customers. seamless for business.

Link all your marketing communication together, no matter the medium. AmenaCode augments existing optical codes, be they barcodes, QR codes or logos, creating a secure bridge to your content. This means customers can access and interact with your content from your existing marketing assets.

Change the content whenever you want without changing packaging or artwork.

bridgE the communication and engagement gap with your end user

Personalized Content
Content can be based on geographic location, time, consumer device or behaviour, frequency of scan. The choices are limitless and who sees what when, is fully under your control.

Real-Time Content
Content that AmenaCode "unlocks" can be updated in the AmenaCode ecosystem in real-time. Permissions based access allows for personalization, direct advertising, or communication to fit your user's needs.

Real-Time Customer Feedback
A two-way communication channel for users to report issues, provide their opinions, improvements, or products they would like to see and feedback from retail experience.

Swift, Secure Tap and Pay
AmenaCode accessed via a device or triggered through TV, print, online or outdoor media can enable consumers to purchase directly, securely and immediately.

Localized content delivery
Content can be location based such as local recycling options, store specific discounts, activities and products local to the individual and local events delivered in the language specific to the user.

Personalized Call to Action
Taylor the response of a CTA depending on user location, date, day or time of scan or whether a user has previously scanned. Display further videos, "BUY NOW" with a simple click, or initiate personalized support.

Full Brand Owner Control
Change content, actions and services in response to user interactions dynamically within the brands' ecosystem. You control who sees what, when and where.

Real-Time Analytics
Deliver real time operational & customer data on who, where, when, what, and from what device increased visibility and close the data loop.

harness the power of "video-native" communication

Video is essential to user engagement. AmenaCode allows for a direct, personalized, bi-directional engagement with an actionable call to action within a closed ecosystem. It enables multiple opportunities for video streaming without driving the consumer to a third party.

"in-real-life virality"

Imagine being able to create a real life treasure hunt to manage traffic flow through a retail environment or an in-store customer experience linked directly to personal loyalty program . AmenaCode technology uses track, trace, verification and marketing tech coupled with rich media and bi-directional functionality to deliver experiential campaigns. Much of this virality is at little to no customer acquisition costs.

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