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Authentication, security
and protection

An incorruptible, frictionless software system to protect every aspect of your interactions.

Authentication and Security are the lifeblood of access. 

AmenaCode’s patented solution makes authenticating an asset (customer, employee, medication, document, anything) the fundamental component for the exchange of information. Coupled with our AmenaCode Login secure, passwordless access technology, our airtight ecosystem protects every aspect of your interactions. 


The granular nature of AmenaCode means that we track the finite elements of every transaction, asset, product or person. We have the ability to assign every penny, every user, every code in the ecosystem a UNIQUE DIGITAL ID and associated dynamic data registry.


The centralized nature and the inherent security systems of AmenaCode’s Platform means not only is every person, object or asset assigned a Digital ID, we know who did WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WITH WHAT DEVICE in addition to all of the granular transaction data.

Passwordless login with AmenaCode login is the future now

There is only one thing that authentication solutions need to achieve. They need to be able to prove that YOU are YOU. AmenaCodeLogIn is a password REPLACEMENT system. It is a platform that makes passwords redundant while providing a wholly secure identification and authentication solution.

Organizations around the world are experiencing 280 billion cybersecurity events a day — nearly 3 trillion per week or as many as 4 million per second. Data Sovereignty and frequency of mass data breaches necessitate a paradigm shift in how we approach authentication, not just an improved password authentication solution.  


Passwords are frustrating, increasingly complex to create and the sheer number a person has to remember causes many to suffer from password fatigue. As a result passwords are susceptible to ram skimming, phishing, man in the middle, and brute force attacks. And if a database is hacked, all passwords and user data are compromised.

of data breaches are caused by compromised, weak, and reused passwords. 
1 %
is the password still used by 23 million account holders.​
of adults share passwords with two or more people​
1 %

AmenaCode Login native security

AmenaCode Login eliminates phishing, hacking, skimming, man in the middle attacks, brute force attacks, interception, redirection and cloning because we use Digital ID rather than passwords related authentication. 

No password required by the user to login

Multi device identification.
Digital ID footprint

No disclosure
of sensitive, personal data

No data is retained. No data breach possible

Full real-time, granular audit and status protections.

AmenaCode LogIn can be configured to work harmoniously with any additional layers of security that a client may wish to incorporate including access PIN, data encryption and any commercial security software layers, hardware devices, biometrics (face scanner, fingerprint scanner, finger vein scanner) and conditional access.  

the AmenaCode Login process

1. Create unique layered, real-time, multi-point device specific profile.

2. Install the owners uniquely assigned SmartGlyph Digital ID.

3. Create a dynamic Data Chain Footprint after every key SLI event or process request.

4. Digital ID can be cascaded across all devices.
The AmenaCode
Login Process
When you logon anywhere, an application or website RECOGNISES you and your device as the entity wanting to sign in. You login with the mere click of a button. No Username. No Password.
The AmenaCode Platform authentication process
The platform checks the data against multiple touch points. If they match then this is the genuine device (not cloned or spoofed ID) and the process proceeds. The Platform generates a NEW Data Chain Footprint and sends this back when the process is completed.

If they do not match the device overwrites the previous data proofed device. The process is cancelled. The AmenaCode Digital ID on THIS DEVICE is frozen.
Full real-time audit control
Fully auditable, in app and email notification to the primary details of the AmenaCode ID holder of any suspicious activity.

Whenever a person scans a barcode, watches a video, receives a discount coupon, redeems a discount voucher, plays a game or fills in a survey that data is logged against their Digital ID so we can deliver a full audit trail of a persons' behavior as it happens.

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